Torque tools - standard articles and custom-made products

The tools achieve tightening torques between 0.1 Nmm and 17,000 Nm. Torque tools ensure a firm grip and maximum safety in industry and trade. The tightening and loosening of screws and nuts therefore requires the highest precision. The torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers ensure compliance with the specified tightening torques through their controlled tightening, thus avoiding damage to the material or the screw connection. Based on our many years of experience, we offer our torque tools as standard articles or as custom-made products according to special requirements.

Torque wrench

Our torque wrenches are available in the following models:
- Indicating torque tools
- Releasing type torque wrenches with scale
- Preset Releasing type torque wrenches
- Marking torque tools
- Electronic torque wrenchesElektronische Drehmomentwerkzeuge

Torque screwdrivers

Our torque screwdrivers are available in the following styles:
- Indicating
- (Preset) Releasing
- Color marking
- Electronic

Torque multipliers

The range of torque tools is completed by the torque multipliers of the own brand BOLTMAX. The torque multipliers allow a very high force application and at the same time ensure a gentle application of the screw connection. The precision of the BOLTMAX devices convinces with an accuracy of +/- 5% as well as measuring ranges up to 17,000 Nm.

Torque testing devices for torque tools

A reliable testing and calibration of the torque tools is enabled by the torque testers. CARL WALTER offers the torque testers in analog as well as in electronic form. Depending on the requirements, you can also choose between mobile and stationary mounted torque testers. The torque testers are designed for the measurement of torque ranges between 0.05 Ncm and 2000 Nm.

Torque tools - special design and construction

The special torque tools are sold under the own brand BOLTMAX special.

Special torque tools: range of services for torque wrenches and torque multipliers

Special torque tools

Special drive (square, pivot, width)

Special formats (bent, angled or extended)

Special output, special reaction ananchor, special gear ratio

Dimensions according to customer requirements

Surfaces and coatings according to customer requirements

Batch size 1 to series production

Private Label

Factory certification (EN 10204)

More product ranges