Private labels of Carl Walter

Boltmax special

The CWALTER brand stands for high-quality and innovative screwdriving tools. Due to a high vertical range of manufacture and certified quality assurance, the brand of Carl Walter  has been supplying the right tool for every need for more than 100 years and with a range of around 13,000 items.

Boltmax special
The BOLTMAX special brand of the Carl Walter company stands for high-quality special tools and special screwdriving tools according to individual customer requirements. In addition to the company's standard tools, the BOLTMAX special brand therefore focuses on unique tool solutions and special designs.
Boltmax g-power
As soon as large or stiff bolted joints have to be operated, the torque multipliers of the BOLTMAX g-power brand are the optimum means of increasing efficiency. The brand includes various torque multipliers (Mx, Mx32c, Rx, Lx and  Hx)with different product characteristics and up to 17,000 Nm.

Product series

Boltmax compact
Boltmax classic
Boltmax tension
Boltmax xt

The hydraulic products of the BOLTMAX family are characterized, among others, by the highest torques, high accuracy, flexibility, compact designs, low weights and high working speed. The BOLTMAX product range includes a compact wrench for interchangeable cassettes (BOLTMAX compact), a square drive wrench (BOLTMAX classic), a hydraulic bolt elongation (BOLTMAX tension) and a mounting system for plate heat exchangers (BOLTMAX xt).