Special tools

BOLTMAX special

Our brand for special tools supplies the right tool for every situation according to individual customer requirements.

Whether screwing tools, hydraulic tools, hand tools, torque tools, impact sockets or unique special tools: We deliver the right custom-made product!

Standard tools

Standard tools

Carl Walter is one of the leading German tool manufacturers and an expert in torque tools, hydraulic tools, hand tools and impact sockets.

If you have special requirements and sizes, we will gladly advise you about our custom-made products.


Special tools according to your individual requirements

Are you facing a challenge that is impossible to solve with standard tools? This challenge is now a thing of the past, because we develop, design and manufacture the desired solution especially according to your individual requirements. Regardless of whether you request a once-off product or a series production - you have the flexibility to determine the production size according to your individual needs. As a tool manufacturer of specialized tools for the areas of torque, hand and hydraulic tools, we offer our customers torques with ranges from 0,1 Nmm to 100.000 Nm.


of special and individual solutions


and tailor-made according to customer requirements


complying with customer specifications and drawings

Special tools and special parts production

Special situations require special tools. Whether it be for nonstandard sizes or for unique shapes - with the tools of our brand BOLTMAX special we offer tailor-made solutions especially for your individual applications!
On the website of BOLTMAX special you will find examples of our manufacturing expertise.

More examples of manufacturing

Product range of standard tools

Founded in 1919, we are looking back to a long tradition in producing high quality tools. Today the Carl Walter Produktions GmbH & Co. KG can offer a range of over 13,000 articles.

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Hydraulic tools

In addition to our standard hydraulic tools, we also offer special dimensions, special inserts, special supports and special cassettes in the area of special tools.

Impact sockets

Our standard range offers power sockets for sockets & screwdrivers, among others. In addition, we manufacture various special tools with special drive, special output, special length, special outer contour and special wrench width.

Torque multipliers

The range of special tools for torque multipliers includes a special output and a special tightening torque as well as a special support and a special gear ratio.

Torque wrenches

Through our special sizes, special fits (square, tang, width across flats) and special formats (bent, angled or extended), we design torque wrenches for the most specialized applications.

Torque screwdrivers

Indicating, Triggering, Presetting, Color Marking and Electronic Torque Screwdrivers.

Torque testing devices

The torque testers are available in both analog and electronic versions for precise results. The torque range of the tools to be tested is between 0.05 Ncm to 2000 Nm.

Socket spanners

We offer a wide selection from various socket wrench types and sockets to connecting parts and sets. For special bolting cases, we design appropriate special tools according to individual specifications.

Spanners and wrenches

In the wrench assortment you will find different versions of our open-end wrenches, ring wrenches and socket wrenches. We are also happy to customize your wrench with regard to special dimensions, special wrench widths and special shapes.

Free wheeling wrenches

In the field of special tools, we offer the freewheel wrenches with special lifting length, special dimension, special insert, special width across flats, special contour, special shape and special receptacle.

Universal ratchets

The universal ratchets are available with interchangeable square insert, hexagonal insert or without insert. The special tools are individually adaptable according to special lengths, special inserts, special contours as well as special wrench widths.


The range includes the right screwdriver for every application. For special applications we design special tools according to the special dimension, special drive and special format.

VDE tools

The range of VDE tools offers pliers, screwdrivers, torque wrenches, wrenches and lever-action ratchets, as well as socket wrenches and operating tools.


Our assortment offers among others circlip pliers, water pump pliers, pipe wrenches and grip pliers. In the area of special tools, there is the option to design the pliers according to special special dimensions or special shapes.

Metal working tools

Our assortment in the field of metalworking is characterized by a high-quality product selection, which ranges from hammers to saws to pin punches.

"Made in Germany" for more than 100 years