Fastening Tools - standard articles and custom-made products

The high vertical range of manufacture at the production site in Wuppertal guarantees a high quality standard "Made in Germany" and enables the production of individual special screwdriving tools. In addition to specially manufactured screwdriving tools, we offer our customers a wide range of high-quality standard articles. Our screwdriving tools range from torque tools to standard hand tools and hydraulic tools. Click through our diverse range and find the right screwdriving tool for your application. If you need special requirements and sizes, we will be happy to advise you regarding our custom-made products.

Screwdriving tools - special parts production

Screwdriving tools are used for tightening and loosening screws, nuts and other fastening elements. While a common application can be processed with a standardized screwdriving tool, individually suitable special tools are required for special screwdriving work. Whether enormous tightening torques or angled working areas: CARL WALTER develops and manufactures the suitable special screwdriving tool according to your requirements!

Special screwdriving tools

Screwing tools with torques from 0.1 Nmm to 100,000 Nm

Individual dimensions, shapes and spanner widths

Special heads, special output, special reaction ananchor, special gear ratio

Surfaces and materials according to customer requirements

Private label: customer logo and individual design

Batch size 1 to series production

Factory certification (EN 10204)

Screwdriving tools for a wide range of applications

Whether screwdriving tools in standard design or as special design for particularly unusual screwdriving cases. CARL WALTER offers the right screwdriving tool for every application, from torque tools to hand tools to hydraulic screwdriving tools.

Torque tools

Hydraulic tools