Torque multipliers - standard articles and custom-made products

We are a manufacturer of torque multipliers as standard tools or especially according to individual requirements. Since 1919, we have been developing tools for the most difficult operating conditions and supplying them to industrial companies all over the world. All torque multipliers of the proprietary brand BOLTMAX g-power represent an optimal means of increasing efficiency by multiplying the torques produced by the user by a multiple with the help of a planetary gear. The BOLTMAX series, consisting of the products Mx, Rx, Lx, and Hx, impress with their compact design, low weight, and flexible use in any application. Based on our many years of experience, we offer our torque multipliers as standard articles or as custom-made products according to special requirements.

Catalog torque multipliers

Anti backlash device and shear-off-system

Anti-backlash of torque multipliers:
This anti-backlash device cares for storing the „wind up“ built up by previous tightenings and preventing the tightening tool from being slashed.

Shear-off-system of torque multipliers:
In order to protect gear system against overloading Boltmax g-power Lx, Mx, Rx multipliers are fitted with a controlled shear-off system (spare torsion shaft included). Sheared off pins can easily be replaced by user at working site.

Construction features and product properties

Construction features of torque multipliers:  planetary gears (1, 2 or 3 steps), tempered gears, permanent internal greasing, sliding bearings on input and output squares, overload protection, anti-backlash device (depending on the model).

There are no longer extremely long lever arms and slugging wrenches. The BOLTMAX torque multipliers also impress with their high accuracy in torque transmission (±5%) and protecting application for bolted connections.

Torque multipliers - special production for special requirements

In addition to our standard range, we also design and manufacture special torque multipliers according to individual customer requirements. As a manufacturer of torque multipliers for industry, we have specialized and developed valuable know-how with the BOLTMAX series. Special torque multipliers are developed and produced at the Wuppertal site. Due to the high vertical range of manufacture, the torque multipliers can be produced according to individual customer requirements. The special torque multipliers are developed and designed either directly according to the customer's drawing or in close coordination with the customer.

An excerpt from our range of torque multipliers

Below you will find an insight into our standard range of torque multipliers.
The complete product range as well as detailed article descriptions can be found in our catalog.

Special torque multipliers

Special output, special reaction ananchor, special gear ratio 

Dimensions and tightening torques according to customer specifications

Batch size 1 to series production

Private Label

Surfaces: phosphated, burnished or chromium-plated

Factory certification (EN 10204)

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Mx

100 - 16000 Nm

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX Mx

Our manual torque multiplier Mx forms the core of the BOLTMAX g-power series. The device primarily impresses with its user-friendly design and large measuring range. This makes the BOLTMAX g-power Mx the ideal companion for any bolting application and enables easy use in confined spaces. Due to the supports specially developed for the BOLTMAX g-power Mx, the device is versatile as they are easy to change. All torque multipliers are supplied with an inclined support as standard or with a straight support on request. Depending on customer requirements, it is also possible to manufacture a special support. For optimum and flexible use, supports on the gear teeth can also be rotated through 360°. In order to be able to transport the device safely to different locations, the BOLTMAX g-power Mx is delivered in a sturdy case with molded insert.
Ident.-No. Nm (max) Anti backlash device A B C D Weight (g)
31010 800 No 65 205 132 130 1300
31020 1800 No 90 150 188 132 3000
31030 2800 Yes 95 200 240 132 5200
31040 3800 Yes 95 200 240 132 5200
31050 5000 Yes 120 215 272 150 7000
31060 8000 Yes 132 268 344 200 11500
31070 12000 Yes 156 272 348 200 14000
31080 16000 Yes 215 292 370 225 26000
Ident.-No. Nm (max) Anti backlash device A B C D Weight (g)
31232 3200 Yes 88 175 220 132 4200

Torque multiplier Mx

Torque multiplier model Mx32c

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Rx

100 - 16000 Nm

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX Rx

Our torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Rx impresses with its flexible support options and is particularly well suited for work on standard flange and blind flange bolted connections. If there are no or only insufficient positions for support, the BOLTMAX g-power Rx enables support on the next possible bolt. To do this, the second insert is simply placed on the adjacent screw, thereby providing the necessary support. In order to transfer this option to the individual application, the support dimension can be flexibly adjusted. In the slotted hole of the BOLTMAX Rx, the support dimension can be adjusted as required. In addition, when designing our torque multiplier, great importance was attached to a compact design in order to be able to use it universally for as many areas of application as possible.
Ident.-No. Nm (max) Anti backlash device A B T min T max Weight (g)
37010 800 No 65 85 50 125 1500
37020 1800 No 90 119 90 200 4400
37030 2800 Yes 95 170 90 200 6700
37040 3800 Yes 95 170 90 200 6700
37050 5000 Yes 120 215 160 270 13200
37060 8000 Yes 132 244 160 270 17000
37070 12000 Yes 156 258 190 300 23000
37080 16000 Yes 215 272 210 350 41000

Torque multiplier Rx

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Lx

100 - 3200 Nm

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX Lx

The assembly of screw elements and the use of corresponding tools pose great challenges to various sectors, such as wind power or analgene construction, above a certain height, as they must be easily and particularly secured. Our torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Lx meets the requirements for working at exceptional assembly heights and is therefore ideally suited for demanding screwdriving requirements at height. For safety reasons, particular attention was paid to low weight and a compact design during development. In addition, the built-in lifting eye is ideal for securing the tools. A small housing dimension and the laterally installed pipe support ensure maximum user-friendliness. A high reduction ratio also allows the use of a short torque wrench, as bulky tools should be avoided in high working areas.
Ident.-No. Nm (max) Anti backlash device A B C D Weight (g)
34010 1000 Yes 75 120 40 202 3200
34016 1600 Yes 75 124 40 202 3300
34032 3200 Yes 88 135 40 224 5300

Torque multiplier Lx

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX g-power Hx

150 - 17000 Nm

Torque multiplier BOLTMAX Hx

Our torque multiplier Hx is the single-stage entry-level model of the BOLTMAX g-power series and is suitable for any uncomplicated bolting application for which a higher level of force is required. In combination with the compact design and force multiplication, the BOLTMAX g-power Hx convinces our customers in a wide range of industrial sectors by being used in a wide range of applications. Another special feature of the Hx product series is its low overall height. In addition, depending on customer requirements, the device is supported either by a support rod, a support tube or a special support.

Milled case

Ident.-No. Nm (max) A B D Weight (g)
36010 1400 90 98 525 4900
36015 1400 90 106 525 4900
36020 3000 95 114 600 7500
36030 5500 120 140 660 9800

Forged case

Ident.-No. Nm (max) A B D Weight (g)
31071 1350 89 84 460 4900
31101 1750 89 92 460 4900
31111 2750 95 127 518 6900
31121 2750 95 111 555 7500
31141 5500 132 157 607 9800
31161 11000 165 195 685 21000
31181 17000 216 184 835 33000

Torque multiplier Hx