Torque wrenches - standard articles and custom-made products

As a manufacturer of torque wrenches, we produce according to special customer requirements. The standard range also includes torque wrenches for measuring ranges between 0.1 Nmm and 4500 Nm. Since 1919, we have been developing tools for the most difficult operating conditions and supplying them to industrial companies all over the world. The perfect tightening torque is the starting point for precision, safety and the functional efficiency (longevity) of machines and components in many industries and fields of work. The use of a torque wrench for controlled bolt tightening thus becomes a necessity and often prevents material damage. Due to the high accuracy of the torque wrenches from CARL WALTER, the tightening of screws and nuts is particularly precise and user-friendly. Based on our many years of experience, we offer our torque wrenches as standard articles or as custom-made products according to special requirements.

Catalog torque wrench

Standard torque wrench assortment for every application

The standard range is divided into mechanical and electronic torque wrenches. The mechanical torque wrenches can also be selected from triggering, indicating, presettable (with and without scale) and color-marking torque wrenches. Our mechanical and electronic torque wrenches cover measuring ranges between 0.1 Nmm and 2100 Nm. In addition, our torque wrenches can display rotation angles and store data for process standard compliance. All torque wrenches meet at least the requirements of DIN EN 6789. In addition to our standard range, we also design and manufacture special torque wrenches according to individual customer requirements.

Torque wrench - special design according to customer requirements

As a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic torque wrenches, in addition to a large standard range, we have the possibility to manufacture our tools according to the individual requirements of our customers. These special torque wrenches can be produced directly according to customer drawings as well as newly developed and designed by our experts.

An excerpt from our torque wrench assortment

Below you will find an insight into our standard range and our special production examples of torque wrenches. The complete product range as well as detailed article descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Special Torque wrench

Since many of our industrial customers are often confronted with special bolting situations (e.g. tight spaces, enormous dimensions), we manufacture our torque spanners as special designs and according to individual customer requirements. From the special receptacle (e.g. square receptacle, spigot receptacle, special width across flats) to the special format, we will design your tool according to your ideas.

Torque wrenches - Special design

Special drive (square, pivot, width)

Dimensions, Nm ranges and weight according to customer requirements

Special formats (bent, angled or extended)

Batch size 1 to series production

Special surfaces and special coatings

Factory certification

Private Label

Torque wrench according to customer requirements - manufacturing examples

Special ring spanner insert
For a bolted joint with limited space, our customer needed a special tool to achieve a defined torque under these conditions.

Our solution:
The customer's drawing of the bolted joint (STEP file) made it clear that a standard angled ring insertion tool would not be effective at this point. Therefore, the ring was opened and upgraded with a reinforcing plate according to the required torque, which supports the thin-walled outer contour. The plate also prevents the ring from widening and slipping. After customer approval of the design drawing, the tool was produced in our manufacturing facility. The tool was then mounted in one of our presettable torque wrenches. This was set to the desired torque and sealed.

The ring insertion tool has since successfully facilitated the machining of the customer's difficult-to-access bolted joint.
Special torque wrench
Our customer was faced with the challenge of having to tighten a bolted joint to a defined torque in the tightest of spaces.  

Our solution:
Looking at the customer's drawing of the bolted joint, it was clear that no simple jaw insertion tool could be used here. A standard open-end wrench was therefore designed into the CAD drawing and aligned according to the specified torque. After customer approval of the design, the insertion tool was manufactured and attached to a preset torque wrench from our production. The defined torque was then set and the components sealed.

Due to the tool, which was specially developed according to customer requirements, the customer can successfully work on the corresponding bolted joint.
Special torque wrench
- With special ratchet
- Special square holder
- Accessory tool for production machines
- Construction according to individual customer requirements
Disposable medical wrench
- Disposable medical torque wrench
- With defined nominal bending point
- For ensuring identical tightening torques of the sonotrodes on the surgical device
- Jaw distorts with defined tightening torque
- Defined bending angle prevents the jaw from breaking off
- Easy handling due to marking (tightening, loosening, direction of rotation)
- Made of stainless steel, sterilized and individually packaged
Special ring spanner insert
Our customer needed to tighten a hard-to-reach bolted joint to an exact torque.

Our solution:
We designed a multi-bent tool in wrench size 17 to solve the accessibility problem and tighten the bolting. Repeated accuracy of the tightening torque is ensured by a 4-kt socket, allowing a CWALTER to be used.

The insertion tool has been in use for some time, making bolting operations easier for the customer
Special torque wrench
To safeguard processes, our customer must regularly carry out various bolting operations. In this case, however, the tight space conditions made the work difficult. Therefore, he needed a corresponding special tool, which also had to be limited to a predefined torque.

Our solution:
For the special tool requested, we combined a special sliding handle wrench and a torque limiter. In addition, the specified torque was set on our internal test bed.

The customer's process reliability was thus ensured by meeting all tool requirements
Special insert
Our customer in the power industry needed to tighten a locknut securing a special shaft to an exact torque. However, as the nut was recessed in a bore, tightening proved problematic due to the tight space conditions. Therefore, he asked us to design a special insert.

Our solution:
According to the dimensions, we manufactured the special insert taking into account the tight space conditions so that it could be driven with a torque wrench from our company.

The customer has been successfully using the insert to tighten the nut ever since.
Special hook wrench
A customer's custom locknut needed to be tightened to exact torque.

Our solution:
According to the diameter of the nut, we designed a hook wrench including a receptacle for a torque wrench. This was adjusted to the required torque on our test bench.  

The tool now successfully ensures the exact tightening of the special nut.

Indicating torque wrenches

Indicating torque wrenches are particularly characterised by their ease of use. In order to achieve the tightening value without much effort, the current value can be easily set and read via the integrated dial with memory pointers.

Indicating torque wrench DB

Indicating torque wrench DB
- High accuracy bolting up from 0,2 Nm - 420 Nm
- Dial with memory pointer
- Accuracy better than ±4%
- Type DB with rubber protectors
- Lock and counter clockwise operation
Ident-No. Range(Nm) Scale division (Nm) Output Length (mm) Weight(g)
37601 0,2-1,5 0,02 6,3 (1/4") 204 400
37611 0,3-3 0,05 6,3 (1/4") 204 400
37621 0,6-6 0,1 6,3 (1/4") 204 400
37631 1-12 0,2 6,3 (1/4") 204 400
37641 3-25 0,5 10 (3/8") 247 400
37651 5-50 0,5 10 (3/8") 318 600
37661 10-100 1 12 (1/2") 398 700
37671 20-200 2 12 (1/2") 500 1000
37675 30-280 5 20 (3/4") 690 1650
37681 40-420 5 20 (3/4") 890 2600
Torque wrench DBE
- High accuracy bolting up from 50 Nm - 4500 Nm
- Dial with memory pointer
- Accuracy better than ±4%
- Type DBE with extension tube
- Lock and counter clockwise operation
Torque wrench SCDB-S
- High accuracy bolting up from 3 Nm - 200 Nm
- Dial with memory pointer
- Accuracy better than ±4%
- Lock and counter clockwise operation
Torque wrench T-S
- High accuracy bolting up from 3 Nm - 180 Nm
- Dial with memory pointer
- Accuracy better than ±4%
- T-bar handle
- Lock and counter clockwise operation

Releasing type torque wrenches with scale

Releasing mechanical torque spanners ensure reliable tightening by setting the desired target value. The setting is uncomplicated via the scale with vernier on the torque wrench. Reaching the set value is signalled to the user by a loud click. Our range of triggering mechanical torque wrenches is also supplemented by the VDE torque wrenches, which are suitable for work under voltages of up to 1000 V. Due to our torque wrench production, we also have the possibility to consider individual customer wishes for the triggering torque spanners.
Torque wrench TQR2100 is designed for industry and workshop

- Aaccuracy better than ±4%
- Meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789
- Double scale (Nm/
- Ratchet head with small diameters
- Quick closure for adapting the extension
- Can also be used without extension
- Reversible fine toothed ratched
- Optional: transport case incl. mold insert
Ident-No. Range (Nm) Scale division (Nm) ft.lbS Outout Head diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight
34301 400-2100 100/10 300-1500 1" 77 2030 1200
Torque wrench TQW 2391
Torque wrench Torquik W designed for workshop use
  • Releasing type torque wrench
  • Clock- and counter clockwise operation*
  • Accuracy better than ±4%
  • Double scale (Nm/
  • Incl. reversible ratchet
Torque wrench PQL 2617 - 2620
Secured against unintended change of value adjustment
 • releasing type torque wrench
 • accuracy better than ±4%
 • adjustable with micrometer scale
 • torque setting with adjustment key
 • incl. reversible ratchet
Torque wrench 2393 - 2398
Torque wrench Torquik R - designed for industry and workshop
 • signal-type torque wrench
 • ergonomic handle
 • clock- and counter clockwise operation*
 • accuracy better than ±4%
 • double scale (Nm/
 • type 2393 incl. reversible ratchet
 • type 2394 incl. push-through ratchet
Torque wrench TQV 2389
Torque wrench Torquik V - designed for all purposes
 • signal type torque wrench
 • for insert heads (9 x 12, 14 x 18) (insert heads)
 • ergonomic handle
 • clock- and counter clockwise operation*
 • accuracy better than ±4%
 • double scale (
Torque wrench QL & QLE2
The modell with the big range
 • Releasing type torque wrench
 • Accuracy better than ±4%
 • Adjustable with micrometer scale
 • Incl. reversible ratchet
 • Type QLE with extension tube
Torque wrench CL-MH/CLE2
Interchangeable heads for special solutions
 • Releasing type torque wrench
 • Interchangeable heads* (ratchet, open end and ring spanners)
 • Accuracy better than ±4%
 • Adjustable with micrometer scale
 • Type CLE with extension tub

Preset Releasing type torque wrenches

For preset release torque wrenches, a desired torque value is permanently set on a torque tester using a setting spanner. This prevents unintentional adjustment. A clear click signal indicates that the set value has been reached. Many standard mechanical torque wrenches are no longer sufficient for special requirements. We create the right tool for every task by making the appropriate adjustments and customising them.

Torque wrench LF

Compact torque wrench LF:
 • Signal type torque wrench for the production line
 • For insert heads (9 x 12, 14 x 18)
 • Accuracy better than ±4%
 • Without scale
 • To be adjusted on a torque tester
 • Ergonomic handle
Ident-No. Range (Nm) Output Length (mm) Weight (g)
80000 2-12 9x12 125 190
80005 7-35 9x12 180 250
80026 10-80 9x12 240 310
80027 15-85 9x12 314 380
80053 50-200 14x18 405 720
Torque wrench QSP 2605 - 2612
Specially designed for the line production
 • without scale
 • to be adjusted on a torque tester  
 • signal type torque wrench
 • accuracy better than ±4%
 • incl. reversible ratchet
Torque wrench CSP 2897 - 2920
Compact torque wrench for the line production
 • signal type torque wrench
 • interchangeable heads for special solutions
 • without scale
 • to be adjusted on a torque-tester
 • interchangeable heads (ratchet, open end and ring
 • accuracy better than ±4%

Marking torque wrenches

Marking torque wrenches enable visual marking of the tightened screws, as the screw is colour-marked when the set torque is reached.
The torque tightening and the colour marking are done in one operation and are therefore easy to handle.
Our colour-marking mechanical torque wrenches are suitable for a wide range of tightening requirements (male & female hexagon).

Torque wrenches MPQL / MQL / MQSP

Series MPQL / MQL / MQSP
 • Releasing type torque wrench
 • 10 Nm - 280 Nm
 • Automatic color marking
 • Adjustable with micrometer scale
 • Pre-lock type wrench with adjustment wrench
 • Accuracy better than ±4%
 • Incl. ratchet
Ident.-No. Range (Nm) Scale Division (Nm) Length(mm) Weight(g)
002870023062 10-50 0,5 246 700
000370573020 20-100 1 320 1000
000370573013 30-140 1 385 1100
000780403000 40-200 2 469 1800
Torque wrenches MCSP/ MPCL

• Marking the bolt when tightening is completed
• Spanner head selection - interchangeable and preset
• Combining both thightening and marking in one operation
• The dispoable marker can perform up to 2000 marks and is easy to replace
• Accuracy better than ±4%
Torque wrench CMQSP
 • Ideal für Montageprozesse mit Dokumentation
 • Beim Erreichen des eingestellten Drehmoments stempelt die Vorrichtung die Schraube und das Werkstück ab
 • Schnelltrocknende, dauerhafte Tinte
 • Eine Tintenfüllung reicht für ca. 3000 Vorgänge
 • Anziehen und Markieren erolgt in einem Arbeitsgang
 • Genauigkeit besser als ±4%

Electronic torque wrenches

Electronic torque wrenches are characterized by very high accuracy in addition to convenient operation. Through optical, haptic and acoustic signals, the electronic torque wrench indicates that the set and desired tightening value has been reached. Our electronic torque wrenches are also available with a rotation angle function. To ensure that the value is not exceeded, a warning system is activated in the caseof a torque overload. In addition, several measured values can be set and stored for different crewdriving applications and transferred to a computer. All electronic torque wrenches are also available with special plug-in parts on request.

Electronic torque wrench TQEW

The  digital  torque  wrench  for  interchangeable  heads 9x12, 14x18, 24x32, 27x36 (ratchet head included)
 • large OLED colour screen
 • Ncm, Nm,,, in.oz, in.lbs, ft.lbs
 • backlight LCD
 • better than 1% accuracy
 • overtorque warning system
 • visual and audible signals
 • bi-directional USB interface
 • Windows, Excel, SPC compatible
 • Menu driven (9 languages)
 • 1 preset
 • 4 * AA batteries (contained as standard in delivery)
 • inclusive software and cabel
Ident.-No. Range (Nm) Scale division(Nm) Output Length(mm) Weight (g)
80310 1-10 9 x 12 0,1 6,3 (1/4") 410 850
80164 2-20 9 x 12 0,1 6,3 (1/4") 410 850
80312 5-50 9 x 12 0,1 10 (3/8") 410 850
80313 10-100 9 x 12 0,1 10 (3/8") 850
80165 15-150 14 x 18 0,1 12,5 (1/2") 625 1300
80315 20-200 14 x 18 0,1 12,5 (1/2") 625 1300
80316 25-250 14 x 18 0,1 12,5 (1/2") 625 1300
80166 34-340 14 x 18 0,1 12,5 (1/2") 625 1300
80314 60-600 24 x 32 1 19,05 (3/4") 1250 4000
80317 80-800 24 x 32 1 19,05 (3/4") 1360 6000
80318 100-1000 24 x 32 1 19,05 (3/4") 1360 6000
80319 150-1500 27 x 36 1 25 (1") 1600 8000
80323 200-2000 27 x 36 1 25 (1") 1600/td> 8000
Electronic torque wrench TQEZW
Die digitalen Drehmomentschlüssel für Einsteckteile 9x12, 14x18, 24x32, 27x36 (Lieferung inkl. Ratschenkopf)
 • großes OLED-Farbdisplay
 • Ncm, Nm,,, in.oz, in.lbs, ft.lbs
 • beleuchtetes Display
 • Genauigkeit besser +/- 1%
 • Warnsystem gegen Drehmomentüberlastung
 • optische und akustische Signale
 • bi-direktionale USB-Schnittstelle
 • Windows, Excel, SPC kompatibel
 • Menüführung (9 Sprachen)
Electronic torque wrench TQEZWW
Die  digitalen Drehmoment- Drehwinkelschlüssel für Ein-
steckteile 9x12, 14x18, 24x32, 27x36 (Lieferung inkl. Rat-
 • großes OLED-Farbdisplay
 • Ncm, Nm,,, in.oz, in.lbs, ft.lbs
 • beleuchtetes Display
 • Drehmomentgenauigkeit besser +/- 1%
 • Winkelgenauigkeit besser 0,5°
 • Warnsystem gegen Drehmomentüberlastung
 • optische und akustische Signale
 • bi-direktionale USB-Schnittstelle
 • Windows, Excel, SPC kompatibel
 • Menüführung (9 Sprachen)

Special Torque tools

In addition to the Perf-A Torq torque limiting adaptor, angle disc, torque wrenches with pneumatic provisional tightening as well as pipe wrench head torque wrenches also belong to the category of special torque tools which is covered by the standard range. Our specialty: We develop and design individual torque wrenches according to drawings or your application requirements.

Torque limiting adaptor Perf-A Torq

Torque limiting adaptor Perf-A-Torq
For individual solutions
 • ratches over when target torque is reached
 • Accuracy better than ±4%
 • to be presetted on a torque tester
 • to be used with ratchets, T handles, nutrunner* etc.
Ident.-No. Range (Nm) Input Output Ø Length (mm) Weight (g)
31011 2-20 10 (3/8") 10 (3/8") 41 56 354
31031 13-54 12,5 (1/2") 12,5 (1/2") 43 69 496
31041 27-68 12,5 (1/2") 12,5 (1/2") 43 69 496
31021 50-102 12,5 (1/2") 12,5 (1/2") 56 69 624
31051 80-163 12,5 (1/2") 12,5 (1/2") 76 74 1400

Pipe wrench head torque wrench

Pipe wrench head torque wrench
Piping for water and gas, and building construction
 • signal Type torque wrench
 • solid pipe wrench heads
 • accuracy better than ±5%
 • E-types with extension bar
 • type PHLE with extension tube
Ident.-No. Range (Nm) Scale division (Nm) Ø Length (mm) Weight (g)
40272 10-50 0,5 13-38 396 1500
40273 20-100 1 13-38 472 1600
40274 30-140 1 13-38 517 1800
40275 40-200 2 13-38 620 2300
40276 40-280 2 13-38 833 2900
40277 60-420 2 26-52 1139 4800
40278 200-850 5 26-52 1664 8200
40279 300-1300 5 26-52 1831 10000

Inserts and accessory tools for torque wrenches

From standard size to individual special size. In addition to the open jaw insert presented here, the accessories for torque wrenches also include insert square drives, open ring ratchets, bit holders, ring spanner inserts, open ring spanner inserts, adaptors, weld-on heads as well as pipe, hook and hex heads. In our assortment you will find different versions of the accessory tools. You need a dimension that differs from the standard? We are happy to manufacture according to your individual ideas.

Open jaw insert 2380

Open jaw insert 2380
Ident.-No. Size (mm) Weight (g)
80521 9 X 12 7 35
80531 9 X 12 8 35
80541 9 X 12 9 35
80551 9 X 12 10 40
80561 9 X 12 11 40
80571 9 X 12 12 40
80581 9 X 12 13 40
80591 9 X 12 14 40
80601 9 X 12 15 40
80611 9 X 12 16 45
80621 9 X 12 17 50
80631 9 X 12 18 60
80641 9 X 12 19 60

Insert square drive

Open Ring spanner insert

Pipe Head

Ratchet heads, reversible

Open ring ratchet


Hook head

Fixed square drives

Bit holder

Weld-on head

Hex head

Interchangeable Open Spanner Head

Ring spanner insert


Insert ratchet

Interchangeable Ring Head