Torque screwdrivers with measuring ranges from 0.1 Nmm to 17 Nm

CARL WALTER offers high-quality torque screwdrivers as standard tools in various designs. The exact tightening of the correct torque is the basis for professional quality work for safety reasons. Therefore, torque values are often prescribed for many work tasks. In order to ensure this, precise tools are required that constantly achieve the same value. This working procedure also prevents material damage and costly reworking.

Catalog torque screwdrivers

Torque screwdrivers for every application

With a high-quality torque screwdriver from CARL WALTER, you not only increase your efficiency, but also the precision of the required forces. The controlled screwing of a specified torque becomes particularly user-friendly due to the high accuracy and the ergonomic handle design. High-quality materials also ensure long product durability.

Our torque screwdrivers meet at least the requirements of DIN EN 6789.

Measuring ranges from 0.1 Nmm to 17 Nm

The standard range of our torque screwdrivers covers measuring ranges from 0.1 Nmm to 17 Nm and offers the most diverse product designs. The range includes both mechanical and electronic torque screwdrivers. These are available in an indicating or triggering version. To meet any work requirement, the triggering torque screwdrivers are available either presettable, with scale or with color marking.

An excerpt from our range of torque screwdrivers

Below you will find an insight into our standard range of mechanical and electrical torque screwdrivers. The complete product range as well as detailed article descriptions can be found in our catalog.

Indicating screwdrivers

The indicating torque screwdrivers are particularly characterized by their user-friendly application. The values are measured bidirectionally, i.e. in both directions of rotation. This means that the torque can be checked both by tightening and loosening. The peak value display is shown via a drag pointer. The user can therefore easily read off when the corresponding torque value is reached.

Screwdriver MTD

Screwdriver MTD
Ideal for direct reading of small torque values
 • Dial indicating type torque screwdriver
 • Accuracy better than ±3%
 • 4 bits included
Ident.-No. Range (Nmm) Scale division(Nmm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
38115 0,1-1 0,02 110 22
38116 0,3-2 0,05 100 21
38117 0,5-5 0,1 110 21
38118 1-10 0,2 132 23
Screwdriver FTD-S
For assembly works and control
 • dial indicating type torque screwdriver with memory
 • accuracy better than ±3%

Releasing type screwdrivers with scale

The torque setting of the triggering torque screwdrivers is made via the integrated scale. The desired torque value is set in this uncomplicated way. A locking mechanism prevents the set value from being adjusted during use. A torque detection mechanism located on the changeover clutch also ensures optimized accuracy and greater durability.

Screwdriver LTD

Screwdriver LTD - High accuracy in compact shape
 • releasing type torque screwdriver
 • accuracy better than ±6%
 • adjustable with micrometer scale
Ident.-No. Range (Ncm) Scale division (Ncm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
38431 2-15 0,1 101 50
38491 4-30 0,2 101 50
38551 10-60 0,5 109 80
38591 20-120 1 132 130
38631 60-260 2 149 220
38671 100-500 5 155 330
38711 200-1000 5 183 580
38801 400-2000 5 247 1150
Screwdriver RTD
Safety against overtorking
 • torque screwdriver with disenaging coupling
 • independent from the user, because of the automatic torque-disenaging-coupling (overtorquing is impossible)
 • accuracy better than ±6%
 • adjustable with micrometer scale

Preset Releasing type screwdriver

Preset torque screwdrivers are mainly used for repetitive tightening operations with the same torque value. The preset tightening value is determined for the preset triggering torque screwdrivers via a torque tester. A clear click signals to the user that the preset torque value has been reached. Due to the so-called tilt-clutch torque mechanism, the torque screwdrivers are also characterized by high reliability and durability.

Screwdriver NTD

Torque screwdriver NTD for line-produktion

 • accuracy better than ±6%
 • signal-type torque screwdriver without scale
 • to be preset on a torque tester
Ident.-No. Range (Nmm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
39131 5-15 94 70
39141 10-30 94 70
39181 20-60 94 70
39201 40-120 109 110
39203 100-260 110 180
39205 200-500 119 270
39207 400-1000 155 550
Screwdriver RNTD
Perfectly designed for assembly line works
 • releasing type torque screwdriver without scale
 • with disengaging coupling
 • independent from the user, because of the automatic torque-disengaging-coupling (overtorquing is impossible)
 • accuracy better than ±6%
 • to be preset on a torque tester

Marking torque screwdrivers

Color-marking torque screwdrivers convince with the high control possibility of the tightened screw elements. As soon as the previously set torque value is reached, the screw head is automatically marked. This makes it possible to quickly check visually whether the screws have been tightened to the correct value. Since the screwdriving and marking steps are combined in a single operation, process reliability increases and the probability of errors decreases.

Screwdriver MNTD

Screwdriver MNTD
 • Obvious marking on screw documents that the screw has been surely tightened
 • Total 7 types of phillips and hexagon bit available
 • Easy replacement with disposable marker
 • Approx. 1000 shots per a marker
 • available for pan, flat and binding head screws
 • accuracy better than ±6%
Ident.-No. Range (Ncm) Length (incl. blade) Weight (g)
002870023300 40-120 150 (184) 220
002870023301 100-260 152 (186) 320
002870023302 200-500 168 (202) 425

Electronic torque screwdrivers

The electronic torque screwdrivers use clear audible and visual signals to indicate that the preset torque value has been reached. A special warning system prevents the set value from being exceeded. This enables precise results and prevents damage. In the event that different screwing cases are processed with the torque screwdriver, it is possible to store up to 2094 measured values.

Torque screwdriver EQEZS

The economic torque-screwdriver
 • large LED display (Ncm, Nm,,, in.oz, in.lbs, ft.lbs )
 • backlight LCD
 • better than 1% accuracy
 • overtorque warning system
 • audible and visual signals
 • up to 2094 values memory
 • bi-directional USB interface
 • Windows, Excel, SPC compatible
 • Menue driven (9 languages)
 • Optionally available with wireless Upgrade-Two-way (Bluetooth)
 • 4 * AA batteries (contained as standard in delivery)
 • software and cabel
Ident.-No. Range (Ncm) Scale division (Ncm) Output Length (mm) Weight (g)
80324 0,5-5 0,1 6,3 (1/4") 200 770
80325 1-10 0,1 6,3 (1/4") 200 770