Torque wrenches

Due to technical progress, the demands placed on the load-bearing capacity of bolt connections are constantly increasing. Therefore, the use of torque tools for controlled tightening is becoming an absolute necessity. The extensive products offered by the Carl Walter torque tool range enables you to cope with these requirements at any time.

Assortment: Both our mechanical and our electronic torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers cover measuring ranges between 0.1 Nmm and 2100 Nm. The torque tools are also available in the triggering, indicating, pre-set or colour-marking version.

In addition, our torque wrenches are able to display rotation angles and save data for process standard compliance.

Since we manufacture torque wrenches in-house, they can also be manufactured under private labels and for special requirements. Of course, this also applies to all special tools for these keys, e.g. special insert parts.

If you have any special requirements