Torque multipliers

Planetary gears (1, 2 or multistage)


Chrome casing /phosphatized

Overload protection

Anti-backlash device (RS)

Sliding bearings on in/output squares

The BOLTMAX g-power series torque multiplier never fails to impress with its compact design, low weight and flexible use in every application.
When developing the BOLTMAX tools, particular focus was placed on high accuracy (+/- 5%) and also on user-friendly ergonomics.
Anti backlash device: This anti-backlash device stores the torque built up by previous tightening’s and prevents the tightening tool from being slashed back when released (working security!)
Shear-off-system In order to protect the gear system from overloading, Boltmax g-power Lx, Mx, Rx multipliers are equipped with a torsion pin ( A replacement torsion pin is included in the delivery). Sheared pins can easily be replaced by the user on site.
CARL WALTER offers various supports and special designs for the tool series.
We would be happy to adapt the special gearing to your requirements.

If you have any special requirements