Spanners and wrenches

Profile projector, Energy-profile
From electrician spanner Nr. 160 size 3,2 mm up to a slugging wrench Nr. 580 size 230 mm the production of spanners and wrenches is the basis of the CARL WALTER range. Due to our know-how in spanner production Walter spanners and wrenches designed to offer highest ­loadability at smallest possible dimensions.
All popular metric ring spanners with the Walter Energy-profile as standard. This transfers the loading point from the corner of the bolt to the flanks which protects the bolt from any damage and allows to even further increase applicable loads.
Walter spanners are drop ­forged from high quality alloyed steels. On Walter spanners you can select out of two different finishes: a high quality, endurable chrome plating in matt finish and an impact-resistant phosphatizing. Both surfaces are characterized by good corrosion protection.
Walter spanners are calibrated by cutting processes. To prevent from a decarbonization of surface, all Walter spanners are heat treated under exclusion of oxygen.