Sockets, impact sockets, universal ratchets

CARL WALTER tools are made of chrome vanadium steel and are hot forged in keeping with the most up to date scientific production techniques. Advantages: They are characterized by very high torque loads and show a high resistance to wear and tear.
Additionally, the ergonomic shape of the lever reversible ratchet enables unrestricted use in all working positions. Faster connections were designed specifically for this purpose, using recessed key openings on the front and recessed inner square edges of the socket wrench inserts.

The focus in the design was placed explicitly on the precision (width across flats and square drives are closely tolerated) and the longevity of the tools, therefore guaranteeing efficient use.

The basis for all CARL WALTER tools is safe handling. The socket wrench inserts with the square drive have a safe interconnection of sockets where the driving square is connected by a ball backstop locking hole on the 1/4“, a ball groove on the 3/8“up to 3/4“and a pin/button locking on the 3/4“and 1“sockets.

Practical benefits are gained by the small working angle and the easy switching convenience.WALTER fine tooth ratchets enable work to be carried out in confined areas due to a pivoting angle of only 6°, yet a high torque can also be applied on fine tooth ratchets.
A sunk lever designed to prevent an accidental change of the working direction on all reversible lever type ratchets or an easy to change switch on fine tooth ratchets is standard on WALTER ratchets.