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Special demands require special tools. While you continue to concentrate on your day-to-day business, we take care of your individual solution. If you do not have a technical drawing yet, our first step will be to carry out a problem analysis. Subsequently your solution will be constructed by using the latest 3D CAD methods. Thanks to our innovative engineering knowledge, our application of comprehensive manufacturing methods and a complete in-house processing, there is never a customer requirement too special for us.

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Factory certification (EN 10204)



From minimum to maximum:
We supply torque ranges from
0.1 Nmm to 100,000 Nm.


Whether narrow and practically inaccessible work areas, large wrench and spanner widths or enormous forces: We adapt your tool to the existing conditions presented.


You can reduce time, force and
effort by using tools that
are convenient to operate.


We adapt improved tools used for purposes other than originally intended and also our own tailormade tools, to the legal regulations and standards of occupational safety. Furthermore, we issue a factory certification for all our tools ensuring our liability.

The appropriate tool for every problem

We will develop your tailor-made special tool solution, from normal hand tools with special dimensions to tools used for extreme force applications in any wrench size or even tools
that are not yet available in this version.

Hand tools

Torque tools

Hydraulic tools

Your tool

Everything is possible!

Industry examples


The engine will not
start without us

The special tools for production lines, special tasks and maintenance are supplied by us to the automotive industry. Our tools reduce the expense of disassembly. In the event of a repair, the problem area can be penetrated directly with our tools without time-consuming disassembly and reassembly.


Trains would remain stationary without us

Trains move millions of people and also ensures a prospering economy by means of its freight transport. We have built special tools to assist with maintenance and repairs. These tools save costs in reducing the fall out time and minimizing the workload. These tools which are specially made, guarantee the safety of millions of people.

Power plant

Without us, the turbines will not turn

When confronted with elemental forces during use, material and construction are both physically and financially under enormous pressure. The shortest turbine standstills can cost millions. A suitable tool only weighing a few kilograms can contribute to the avoidance of these costs, at a price which is a fraction of the expense of a single malfunction.

Our contribution to wind turbine revision

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